Hello nature, good bye fast fashion

The outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus causes an unprecedented crisis, but it brings a relief for the planet, with a drastic reduction in greenhouse gases. It also has positive effects on our present and future lives that I would like to outline in this post.

It has been said that Planet Earth would breathe a long sigh of relief if humans were to vanish. And temporarily, in many places, they have. Thanks to the decrease in pollution.

Fresh air

The world is rediscovering open landscapes and perspectives that pollution had sometimes made us forget, whether in Asia or Europe. In Greece, the acropolis of Athens is now clearly visible above the sea. The India Gate in New Delhi (India) has never been so highlighted by a clear blue sky. Even the Himalayas have been visible from the Indian plains for a few days now, the first time in 30 years. With more than 4 billion people confined, toxic emissions have dropped considerably in a few weeks to proportions rarely seen before.

Between 5 and 9 million lives could be saved if this trend continued.
But what will remain of this after confinement? In order to have an impact on global warming, in particular, we would have to maintain this decline in activity for years to come, according to climatologist Jean Jouzel.

Nature has set the reset button

Everywhere, from New York to Barcelona, wild animals have been seen visiting our cities. Even more surprisingly, humans everywhere are seeing nature regaining its rights. In Venice, the reduction of tourist waste and the movement of the tides are having a positive impact on the canals: usually turbid because of the vaporetti and other boats that travel through them, the water has become transparent again. The visible bottoms now show the fish that are wriggling.

The port of Cagliari in Sardinia, meanwhile, has been deserted by boats and is now the scene of marine animals daring to approach the shores. A dolphin has been spotted along the quays, even approaching humans. And we are seeing wild pigs in downtown Barcelona, lions in Johannesbourg and even sharks are visiting French harbours.

Are we seeing the birth of a new age for companies?

The effects of the coronavirus on the economy in the short term are devastating. Containment causes a drop in economic activity of between 30 and 50%. A very serious effect, but one that should be temporary. In the longer term, it is feared that this situation could cause companies that would have survived or even prospered go bankrupt.

But there will still be positive effects. The extreme constraints that businesses are currently facing at the moment are complex. They often have to find new suppliers, new distribution channels, and deal with employee absences. But companies are becoming more productive and creative than before. Companies today are forced to sort out what is indispensable and what is not. What should be done in the company and what can be done elsewhere. They have become, by necessity, much more productive than before. When demand returns to its usual level, these lessons will be very valuable and these companies will remain very productive.

Containment can lead to a new start for our body and mind too!

Since the begining of the crisis, it has been said that it is important to get up every morning as if there were no confinement, have breakfast, shower. To try to maintain rhythm and to have physical activity, even indoors. There are also yoga techniques, with many applications on the internet that are available. All this new way of life can be seen sees as a way to tell our brain that we are about to enter a new era. Let’s keep with these routines in our future lives!

From less is more to less is better!

Less is more was a phrase than can be attributed to architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and dates back to 1947.
These days, we can make the decision to intentionally live with fewer possessions.

As the size of our homes increased and the number of things stuffed into closets grew, more and more time was spent caring for them. While cleaning our wardrobe these days, we should realize how much of our life and energy was being stolen by the things that we own. As a result, the things that meant the most to us were often neglected in our lives. These days are great to immediately began to remove the nonessential.

In the future, we might decide to own less, with countless benefits: more time, more freedom, more energy, less stress, and less distraction.

At the core of Broken Diva values, even better than owing less, our objective is to want less. For these reasons we are offering tee-shirts that are made to last, to be worn, and are respectful of the environment. Thumbing our nose to fast fashion. And thinking of the future of our kids. A new era is starting, and this will be a beautiful one.