How a tiny object revolutionized fashion in prehistoric times

The eye needle, hailed as one of the finest examples of Paleolithic craftsmanship by the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, played a pivotal role in the transformation of clothing from mere utility to a means of expressing identity. This transition, documented in a study published in Science Advances on June 28, 2024, marks a significant chapter in our prehistoric narrative. Read more

Unveiling the Xotik Collection Capsule: a fusion of art and nature by Adrián Carrillo and Gala

In the bustling artistic lanes of Panama City and the cultural heart of Barcelona, a unique collaboration has blossomed, bringing to life the ‘Xotik Collection,’ a capsule wardrobe inspired by the lush landscapes of Latin America. This creative venture is the brainchild of designer duo Adrián Carrillo and Gala, who have intricately woven the essence of nature into each piece of the collection. Read more

A look into the ocean, by Adrian Carillo, a new collection for Broken Diva

Nature influences a number of high-fashion designers, and the environment plays a big part. The concept of natural beauty is at the heart of many fashion designers. There are so many parallels between nature and fashion.

According to Adrian, “A fashion brand can implement an ethical policy by promoting organic, sustainable products, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and reducing its harmful effects on the environment.”

In this day and age, the desire to create beautifully crafted pieces and to protect the planet has become one of our major influence here at Broken Diva. Read more

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