A look into the ocean, by Adrian Carillo, a new collection for Broken Diva

Nature influences a number of high-fashion designers, and the environment plays a big part. The concept of natural beauty is at the heart of many fashion designers. There are so many parallels between nature and fashion.

According to Adrian, “A fashion brand can implement an ethical policy by promoting organic, sustainable products, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and reducing its harmful effects on the environment.”

In this day and age, the desire to create beautifully crafted pieces and to protect the planet has become one of our major influence here at Broken Diva.

Adrian, a fashion designer inspired by nature

Adrian’s artwork is upbeat and playful. His vibrant colors are eye-catching and he wants his work to be seen as positive and bright. Adrian is an incredibly talented artist who does both graphic design and traditional art. When you view his works, you can’t help but smile.

.Adrian, the Panama based fashion designer, draws his inspiration from nature:
“Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Fashion is made of trends that spring and disappear along time. Fashion is all about appearance, and fashion designers always look for inspiration to kindle their creativity. Nature is a perfect way to recharge one’s soul.”
“There is so much to be discovered in nature. The awe factor in nature is sure to inspire your creativity. Encompassing personality, color and variety.”
Adrian work with fashion houses and major retail chains alike has led him to launch  his own collection.  Adrian marks now a dramatic departure from its illustrious past, mixing unexpected but sensual clashes of bright colors and prints with beautiful drawings. Adrian is itself a breath of fresh air for our brand, with a unique style that’s always a step off the beaten track.

Adrian and Broken Diva

The fusion between Adrian and Gala and their passion for sustainable fashion has resulted in this new collection inspired by the sea and its habitat, from the sea floor to the creature that lives in it. Adrian and Gala have been inspired by the sea and its creatures for many years and this collection is a great representation of that inspiration. Not only are these pieces beautiful and luxurious, but they are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Ocean inspired fashion is probably the most iconic trend to have come out of the ocean. It’s not something that will go away anytime soon. It’s something that will always be relevant. Ocean inspired fashion is something that’s accessible to everyone, and that’s what makes it so popular.  The future of sustainable fashion is all about responsible, ethical and innovative design. The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful and polluting industries in the world. Fashion designers are turning to more sustainable materials for their designs and many fashion brands are already making the transition to a zero waste lifestyle.

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