Unveiling the Xotik Collection Capsule: a fusion of art and nature by Adrián Carrillo and Gala

In the bustling artistic lanes of Panama City and the cultural heart of Barcelona, a unique collaboration has blossomed, bringing to life the ‘Xotik Collection,’ a capsule wardrobe inspired by the lush landscapes of Latin America. This creative venture is the brainchild of designer duo Adrián Carrillo and Gala, who have intricately woven the essence of nature into each piece of the collection.

The inspiration behind the Xotik Collection stems from the vibrant flora of Panama, a country known for its rich biodiversity and stunning tropical flowers. The collection seeks to encapsulate the vivid colors, intricate forms, and rich textures of the region’s natural beauty. Each design element has been carefully curated to reflect the organic shapes and the lively hues of the tropics.

The creative process behind the Xotik Collection is a tale of two cities and two minds. Gala, the conceptual mastermind, envisions the themes and the overarching aesthetic of the collection. Meanwhile, Adrián translates these visions onto paper, skillfully sketching the preliminary designs. This collaborative process not only enriches their creative journey but also ensures a harmonious blend of ideas and artistry.

Emphasizing sustainability and the delicate beauty of nature, the Xotik Collection proudly features garments made from organic cotton. This choice underlines the brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness and mirrors the natural inspiration behind the collection.

Further elevating the launch, the photo session for the Xotik Collection took place in Paris, a city synonymous with timeless elegance and classical beauty. The backdrop of Paris not only highlights the classical allure of the collection’s botanical themes but also resonates with the message of urban greening. With predictions of future heatwaves reaching up to 50°C, the collection subtly advocates for a greener, more florally abundant cityscape to combat urban heat. Let’s cover Paris with tropical flowers!

The Xotik Collection by Adrián Carrillo and Gala is not just a line of clothing; it is a celebration of nature’s beauty, an homage to sustainable fashion, and a bridge between the vibrant ecosystems of Latin America and the classical charm of European cities. With this collection, the designers hope to inspire a closer bond between wearers and the natural world, urging a collective movement towards more sustainable living and fashion choices.